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Engleski jezik

Have you ever thought about the amount of pressure put on men and women? Here is a very interesting view of that question.

5th grade students brainstormed the words they learned in the first half of the year. Here are Ana's and Toni's work.


Popularity does not happen just to famous people. Read about Valentina and Marin's opinion about it.


Teen magazines are all around us. Last year our seventh grade published their own online. Have a look!


The first day of school always brings different emotions. Check out this one!


Engleski dan


   English day 2014.            English day 2013.

Radovi učenika          

                                     Wordle states                                       

English in Comics

Past Simple Stories


Thinking about ... music

A Fairytale

Read it if you can!

Christmas Carol

In the other people's shoes

Dream school schedule


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"Onaj tko se usudi poučavati nikada ne smije prestati učiti."

(John Cotton Dana)

"Korijeni učenja su gorki, ali plodovi su slatki."


"Učitelj - zanimanje koje poučava sva druga zanimanja."

(Anonimni autor)

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